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A hiring strategy without candidates is dead in the water. If you’re struggling to find enough applicants to generate qualified prospects, it’s time to rethink how you’re attracting new team members. 

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KeldairHR is Advanced Applicant Tracking with Less Stress and More Hiring

We've helped thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies recruit and hire for all of their open jobs.

"We needed help to build a more organized and repeatable hiring process. Craigslist ads and excel sheets were no longer working for us. We started using KeldairHR and it's been a night and day change for us. Our new hiring process is organized, efficient and collaborative and we've seen a dramatic increase in the quality of our hires."

Erika Ardouin
Director of Recruiting
Garber Management Group

Jessy Baltz
Hiring Manager / Project Coordinator
Morris Steel Inc

"The KeldairHR system makes posting jobs very quick and easy. My organization has upwards of 100+ different roles to fill in over 20 locations at any given time. I can put a job on line in less than 2 minutes. No need to re-write descriptions as they are all in the library and with a few clicks its up and ready to collect candidates."